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I generally hear two things:

1) My family member/friend etc owns a camera, so they’ll photograph my event.

2) Or, Iphones (or some other phones camera) does as much of a good job. Therefore, I’ve assigned so and so to take pictures.

Unfortunately, I hear this more often than you’d believe.

It’s completely understandable to a certain extent why some opt for the above options— mainly due to budget related reasons or they simply don’t believe or understand photography at its core..(the fact that it is also an art form).

However, I’d like to convince you otherwise.

The main question that needs to be answered is:

Do you just want pictures to be taken of the event? Because that can easily be done. Pictures that are “just taken” pile up into your photo album on your phone or computer, eventually to get lost in the thousands of images already there.


Do you want a moment in time forever captured? A memory eternally encased into that single image, lasting forever, warming your heart forever. Don’t you want pieces of art that whenever you gaze upon them they bring back the splendid emotions you felt in that special moment? One of my favorite quotes about photography is “We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.”

There is a tremendous difference in the photos when someone who is an amateur captures those moments and between someone who is relatively experienced. Below are some examples of my own work. Compare them to when before I was just another guy who owned a camera and now someone who has has a better grasp of the art of photography.


Photographers dedicate ample amount of hours capturing each image artistically, and then later spending even longer, consuming hours editing their work to add to its beauty, well most do anyway lol. They are usually equipped with the right skill set and tools to take charge of any given setting and surrounding. Hiring a photographer may seem like an unnecessary expense but, think of it this way, you’ll have a confident (confident in their abilities) artist focused on a singluar job. Remember, it’s the photographer not the camera that’s the instrument.

Are you convinced?

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