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Aren’t icebergs the most beautiful natural monuments to behold? Did you know, that 70% of the iceberg mass is submerged under the sea, and actually, that’s what keeps the exposed part afloat? Well, that’s a fact that teaches us a lot about how much work goes on behind the curtain to execute the best play.

In terms of photography, the importance of this phenomena cannot be overstated. Usually, when we see a great photo, we attribute it towards the environment and the photogenic quality of the subjects. But, to achieve the perfect quality and moment, the subject and the photographer have to work together.

So, what do people do to get such amazing pictures of themselves captured? Or to rephrase it, what are the tasks that should top your to-do list when you set out to book a photo shoot, and after that, prepare for it? Not to worry, that’s the niche I’ll fulfill today, based on my personal experience as a photographer.

Step 1- Do Your Research

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These days, for an aspiring photographer, online presence is everything. And that’s exactly where you’ll find all the information you need about the photographer you wish to hire. So, before you do anything else, just browse away! Explore your prospects’ Instagram feed, website, facebook page, anything you can access, to fully identify the level of his skill and efficiency.

Photography is an art which captures hearts through perfect timing and fantastically framed moments So, you don’t need to be a pro to figure out whose photos talk to your soul. Still, if you are a person who has an eye for detail, the qualities to look for in the photo is simple.

Pay attention to how well the photographer has made use of natural or synthetic lighting. You can read about the importance of this point discussed in my previous blog. Also, how well the images are edited speak volumes about his expertise. Is it edited in a way that brings out the best elements in the picture? Or is it just looking fake? The formula is easy, look for a photographer whose pictures make you want to get clicked in a similar way.

Step 2 – Meet up!

DSC 7352 | Top wedding photographer in LA | Engagement shoot in Los AngelesOnce you’ve decided who you’ll approach for your photo shoot, it’s time to arrange a meeting. It doesn’t necessarily have to be physical, you can talk about your photoshoot virtually, by phone or email as well. But remember, no matter how experienced your photographer is, the time and date aren’t the only things you’ll want to talk about.

The most important things to share are your ideas and his. Tell him how you envision your session to be, and how you want the photos to turn out. If you’ve seen something on the internet which appealed to you, show it to the photographer at this level. Try to make your perspective for the session crystal clear by communicating. After that, LISTEN. After all, he’s the professional. Pay attention to any insight he has to offer on your ideas so when the big day comes, both of you are on the same page.

In the case of event photography, let him in on all the details of the function during this meeting. The photographer should have first-hand knowledge about the line up of functions and happenings at your event so that he knows where he needs to be at what time. If there’s a miscommunication regarding these details, there’s a chance your memorable moments may miss the chance to get captured.

Step 3 – Get Ready!

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At this point, your mind should be made up about the weather, location and overall set up of the photoshoot. If not, then you’re not ready to go yet! All this depends on the mood and genre of your photoshoot, so think carefully before you fix them.

Finally, when the day arrives all you have to do is get the last minute things done. Obviously, at that moment, you won’t remember all the little details and most probably end up forgetting something. Luckily, now you won’t.

First, make sure all your accessories and outfit are on point. Try to avoid checked attire on this occasion. Even if it’s your favorite shirt or skirt, it’s better you leave it behind because checked print tends to distort the final execution of the photograph. Do all the detailing, a signature wristwatch, trendy sunglasses, classy blazers, everything you can get your hands on that leaves a positive statement.

Second, if you’re going for long family photoshoots, make sure you carry along an extra set of clothes. Although it’s optional, it’s nice to get clicked in a variety of apparel. This will make sure you get the optimal value of the time you’re paying for.

DSC 4850 | Top wedding photographer in LA | Engagement shoot in Los AngelesFamilies remind me of the most important family members, the babies. Keep your little munchkins fresh and well fed at the time of the shoot. If they’re calm and energetic, their photos are bound to create magic and spread some of it through yours too! To deal with any mishap or emergency, as babies are the most unpredictable little things, keep an extra set of clothes, their toys, and a few favorite edibles to cheer them up.

Step 4 – Follow The Lead

DSC 3055 | Top wedding photographer in LA | Engagement shoot in Los AngelesThis step requires the basic ingredient for any relationship, trust. Remember that you have chosen this photographer, and you have poured your heart out him about what and how you want the session to turn out. Now, just listen and relax.

Don’t argue with the artist while he’s at work. This can distort his concentration and mood. I know, sometimes we photographers tend to take up fanatic endeavors and direct you to pose in the most obscure ways. But, trust us, you’ll look great on the camera while posing like that, even though you look awkward and uncomfortable in reality, it’ll be our little secret, we never tell.

Baby-business, once again. If you’re a couple getting photographed with your baby, please don’t fuss over trying to make the baby pose. Leave the photographer to it, or bring a friend along to help if you’re anxious. They’ll take up the task of making your baby pose and look at the camera to get the best clicks. The reason behind this is that you’re the subject as well. If you’re the ones making the baby pose, and he does, then you’ll be out of position and the photo won’t work out. Once that happens, the whole team will have a hard time making the baby pose again. So make sure you’re ready in position when your baby is, so you can save your time and hassle and have a pleasant session.

Wrapping this up, I’d just like to mention that when you hire a passionate photographer, your photoshoot is as important to him/her as it is to you. So take your time to choose the person you can connect with, communicate effectively, and have fun creating the best memories together!

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