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Just before the self isolation begin, I was blessed with my last engagement shoot at Orcutt Ranch, CA before Self Quarantine.

When Sara and Juan met me for consultation, they told me that they love oranges and wanted a rustic place for there engagement shoot. At that moment I knew, Orcutt Ranch is the place to go. I told them to have a look and check it out, and after 1 hour I got text from Sara saying that they are in love with Orcutt Ranch.

It was forecast to rain all week, and with that Sara & Juan reached out to us confirming will we still able to pull this off.

Guess what according to weather.com on March 14 it was suppose to rain till 11 am only and we were confident that we will be able to pull this off.

When we arrived, almost no one there, since whole LA was preparing to hoard the grocery for upcoming pandemic.

I was optimistic that we will pull this off as our best engagement session ever! and so did we. Using all the element, Slight rain, moody clouds and flourish Orange tree. we made it work in our favor.

I can not wait to shoot there wedding in November, currently Sara is in front line fighting with Health professional. Therefore we delivered all the photos in record 3 days, to make sure they have some beautiful memories to look during this rough time.

Here are few glimpse of Sara & Juan engagement photos


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