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blog3image asset | Top wedding photographer in LA | Engagement shoot in Los Angeles“What should I wear today?” This is a question most of us ask ourselves everyday whether it’s for work, going out with friends or as simple as running some errands. A few days before an upcoming engagement session, we usually get messages from our clients accompanied by a series of images along the lines of: how does this look? Or what should we wear? Will this look good?

Hey, we’re no stylists or fashion experts but we can shed some light as to what looks good in the camera. Here’s a few things to keep in mind when choosing your outfit, for the day of your engagement shoot:


This may sound like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how many people are willing to brave the heat or cold for the sake of the outfit. Trust us—it is not worth it. Not only will you feel uncomfortable the whole time, it will inevitably affect your overall mood, hence, effect the outcome of the way you come out in the pictures. Dress according to the season. Check!

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We get it, engagement photos are important. Not only will the pictures stay with you forever, they will grace the walls of your future home, your save-the-date cards, and your everything-wedding related things! However, if you are used to dressing a certain way, don’t go out of your comfort zone. For most engagement sessions, couples opt for semi-formal or casual as it speaks to who they truly are on a day-to-day basis. Plus, the whole laid-back vibe helps you and your partner ease into being photographed. It also helps your love for each other naturally show in the photos. You want to shine and the way to do that is by being you, exactly you.



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Now this is a tricky one. Many photographers or people will suggest neutral and pastel colors. However, it really depends on a few things.

  1. What is the weather like?
  2. What is the location of your photo shoot?
  3. What colors best compliment your skin tone, eyes, hair, and overall body type?
  4. And last but not least, what do you feel like wearing? (The most important question of all)

We suggest, don’t pick extremely colorful and patterned outfits. You want the focus to be you and your partner’s love not your clothes. And most importantly, don’t match—it isn’t cute. Lol. We joke, but seriously, matching is a hit or miss. From our experience, honestly, you can’t really tell when the final images come out. We’d rather you wear outfits that balance each other out. For example, if your partner is wearing blue, you can try wearing yellow or beige—these colors balance each other well. Or you can add hints of blue to your outfit, like a blue accessory such as earrings or a scarf—the options are limitless. You can even mix and match. Wear the same colors but with a twist! For example, you could possibly wear a red top and brown bottoms whilst your partner wears a brown top, and red bottom—whatever suits you.


There’s also another important component to deciding the colors of your outfit— the season. Let’s say it’s fall right now. So, what colors do we predominantly associate with fall? Red, brown, beige, a lot of that whole rustic-vibe. Fast forward to April, it’s spring. If you haven’t guessed already, you want to go for bright and colorful—the whole happy-go-lucky vibe. For the summer, you want to go for more light colors and colors that don’t make the sun bounce of off them (like neon). And lastly, winter. Wear dark colors! Don’t be shy about embracing the whole winter ensemble. They make for really beautiful pictures.


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All this information may seem overwhelming and confusing on how to narrow down your options, but in fact, it’s simple. For many of us, our closet is filled with a variety of clothing that matches the different seasons and places we visit on a daily basis. You’ve booked your engagement session, you and your photographer have most probably already decided the location. Do your research. Explore the location via Google images. Get an idea of how the location looks at different times throughout the year. This will surely help you make a more informed decision about your outfit. Hence, you can already eliminate a load of options based on the season and location. The rest is easy, don’t sweat it. And if you’ve booked your engagement session with us, we’re more than happy to help. 🙂

At the end of the day, let’s be real. All these suggestions are great and all, but the single most important factor in deciding your outfit for the engagement session is YOU. ‘What is your gut telling you? How are you feeling? AND what do you know you look good in?’ To sum it all up, do you. When you’re the most comfortable, that’s when you’ll really shine like a diamond for the camera.


Based in Los Angeles, California, we are a husband-and-wife duo, Murtaza and Insiyah, dedicated to creating beautiful keepsakes. MKEshoots Photography is Award Winning Photographers that specializes in wedding and portrait photography. Serving couples in love around the globe.

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