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MKE MR 182 | Top wedding photographer in LA | Engagement shoot in Los Angeles

Stop, slow down, breathe and look around—this is one of the many things the pandemic has forced us to do. Appreciate and be grateful for what we have, the people around us and love those around us. Love is often easily taken for granted. Assuming it will always be there, but regretting we let it go once it’s gone.

Morgan and Rully are a testament to the above statements. This pandemic brought them closer and they realize what they truly mean to each other. They both saw how they upheld each other during the pandemic and this showed them both that they are meant to be. Rully didn’t want to wait any longer. He got down on one knee and proposed to Morgan right away.

The pandemic brought these two soulmates together. Two souls who might have otherwise drifted apart. Even though the pandemic has been beyond tough and millions of lives have been lost, Morgan and Rully were able to make the best of it.

As a photographer, you can tell when two people are truly in love. During their engagement session, all I could see were two people crazy in love with each other. Hence, I wanted to create something that will bring out their fun and energetic personality but also showcase the deep love they hold for each other.

The engagement period is a unique and special time for any couple— often not thoroughly enjoyed. A period where you are filled with the excitement of being in love, and the adventures the future holds for you and your partner.

During our consultation call with Morgan and Rully, I knew that this engagement shoot was going to be a special one. Morgan and I immediately locked onto the fact that we wanted do an intimate beach shoot. She sent me a few examples of what she was looking for. That quickly narrowed us down to Windansea Beach in the beautiful city of San Diego, CA. When we reached the beach, the nerves started kicking in. It was jam packed. I started feeling a little skeptical about how I will execute this shoot. I knew I would have to pull every photography (and photoshop) trick out there to make this shoot a success! They say great clients make great friends, and well, the energy Morgan and Rully had, it without a doubt took away all my concerns and I thoroughly enjoyed capturing Morgan and Rully as if I hadn’t just met them for the very first time 5 minutes ago!

Here is a glimpse of Morgan and Rully’s engagement session:


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