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Candid photography is all the hype these days. Most people are not models and chances are, you’re not used to being photographed on the daily. What truly tells the story of a person or event? Capturing them candidly in their element, unaltered, and authentically. 

The thing is candid photography is a part of every.single.photographers portfolio. Whether clients know to ask for candid images or not, photographers will take candid shots of everything. Candid images are the framework of photography and play an important role in capturing your wedding day or truly any event accurately. Whilst many may assume only posed portraits fall into the category of fine-art images, candid images also take up a big chunk of the fine-art category. 

At MKEshoots, we definitely love having fun with our shoots and capturing posed portraits. They are a great way to get in a shot you’ve always dreamed of taking or becoming really creative with certain shots. We love when our clients have fun with their shoots, however, we’re also hardcore fans of candid photography!

What is candid and candid wedding photography anyways?


/ˈkandəd/ adjective

  1. truthful and straightforward; frank.
  2.  (of a photograph of a person) taken informally, especially without the subject’s knowledge.

Candid Photography

is all about capturing everything as is, the raw, real, untouched, authentic emotions of the person and event. Envision the jazz, the spirit, the craziness, the essential truth of the event or person in photos. 

Other terms for candid photography are, documentary-style, photojournalism, and a bunch of other technical terms. The truth is, each candid photographer, just like any other artist, approaches candid photography differently and brings their own style to the table.

To us at MKEshoots,

candid photography is all about letting our couples have FUNNN! We want you to open up, let go, get lost in your partner’s eyes and forget that we’re even there. Run, hug, chase each other, be wild, laugh a ton– basically the date of your dreams on the sunny beaches of Malibu, the Santa Monica mountains, the oddly beautiful desserts of Anza-Borrego or wherever your imagination takes you (we’re always down for a crazy and fun adventure). We want to capture your love in its wildest and truest form.

Now this doesn’t mean we won’t guide you throughout the shoot. We’ll guide you, fix loose hair and even a frumpled shirt. Helping ease our couples into the shoot so they feel relaxed in front of the camera is our forte. We show you the different ways you can pose to get a fantastic outcome– beautiful, artistic, candid and fine-art images.

It all sounds great right? But when it comes to your wedding, how do you actually guarantee beautiful wedding photos if you’re not constantly posing for the camera? Well, after years of being candid photographers, we’ve put together our top 5 tips on what you can do to secure exquisite wedding photos.

How to ensure beautiful candids on your wedding day

Trust your photographer

Build a relationship with your photographer. No doubt you’ve done your research, and have found the perfect photographer that fits what you’re looking for. Be open with them about what worries you in terms of photography and what your expectations are.

Personally, we focus on building a strong bond with our clients because we understand the important roles we play as the photographers for your big day! We want to be a friend, someone you trust and can rely on worry free.

Communicate with your photographer

Many couples don’t realize this, but photographers play important roles on your wedding day. Make sure you have thoroughly discussed the wedding day timeline with your photographer and you both are on the same page. Allot time for shoots like the first look, after-ceremony pictures and group photos. Plan an unrushed timeline so you can be at ease on your big day.

Live in the moment

If you spot us, ignore us. Concentrate on ‘OH MY GOSH I’M GETTING MARRIED KAJEONFJWWUAUAJF’- yeah, those feelings. The butterflies, the smile that won’t leave your face, the tears that keep welling up in your eyes– concentrate on your emotions and your actual wedding. Soak up every minute of everything going on and enjoy your wedding day to the fullest. This is the easiest and best way to guarantee beautiful candids.

Be you

We cannot emphasize this enough. Be true to yourself, don’t feel the camera pointed in your direction. You don’t want your whole wedding day to feel like an 8-hour shoot and you definitely don’t want to be constantly posing and smiling at the camera for the whole day. That will quickly begin to feel cumbersome and wear you out before the party has even started. Act natural. 

Mentally prepare yourself for the unexpected. 

No matter how much you plan beforehand, the unexpected can happen at any moment. We get it, it’s difficult to stay calm when things start to go awry on your big day. Try your best to stay collected and calm. Assign tasks to friends and family members so that you can focus on getting married. Inform your photographers of any changes in the timeline. Most photographers only book one-wedding a day. So chances are they’ll be more than happy to accommodate. 

This is why candid photography is all the rage. When you look back, your wedding day should reflect who you truly are. Your awkward, silly, funny, introverted, extroverted, light of the party, or shine better in the dark but still imperfectly beautiful self that you are. You want your photos to reflect the emotions, spirit, and craziness of your wedding day as it transpired with all it’s glamour and feels. We truly believe in capturing our clients in their elements, because that’s truly where you shine the brightest.

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